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Kelly Shaw

Lawyer, Owner

Family Law
Collaborative Divorce
Legal Advice and Coaching
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Estate Planning

Kelly Shaw has over 25 years of experience as a family law lawyer. She began her legal career in 1994 in North Battleford, SK. In 2002 she relocated to Saskatoon, SK. She opened Riverside Family Law in 2018.

Kelly is passionate about helping people who are experiencing family disputes. Even difficult experiences such as family breakdown will eventually pass. Kelly lends her legal judgment, her experience, and compassion to support you through the bumps so that you can begin to focus on creating your future. Kelly is a trained mediator and a collaborative divorce lawyer member of Collaborative Professionals of Saskatchewan Inc. She is also a family law arbitrator, having received the Qualified Arbitrator designation from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada.

Kelly Shaw has over 25 years of litigation experience in the courtrooms of Saskatchewan. She also has 25 years of providing guidance to people who are experiencing family breakdown and conflict. Sometimes, people unknowingly make choices which actually prolong their conflict. Kelly can guide you through this process, and help you to make the best decisions to get you to what you want to achieve. She’ll advise you of the various options that might work best for you. There are many legal processes available to you! Her services include negotiation, preparation of contracts, advice, collaborative divorce, arbitration, mediation, and full legal representation.