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Riverside Family Law is working to make legal services more affordable and more accessible to the general public.  We’ve created to provide advice and legal coaching to people who are representing themselves.  Services are provided by the hour via video chat, email, telephone, and in person, and with no expensive retainer. Hours are flexible to accommodate your busy schedule.

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What are “Unbundled ” Legal Services?

Unbundled or piecemeal legal services are legal services delivered by a lawyer in a la carte manner
where the tasks associated with the client’s legal matter are broken down into specific tasks – the
lawyer performs some of the tasks and the client performs others. This allows clients the opportunity to
retain control of their case, pay only for specific legal services that they can afford, and receive legal
advice to make informed decisions.

What is Legal Coaching?

Legal coaching is a type of unbundled service. A legal coach is a lawyer who works behind the scenes in
partnership with a client to help the client represent him or herself. The legal coach provides legal
advice, strategies, knowledge and tools to the client as part of the limited service arrangement. This is
an alternative for people who don’t want to or can’t pay fees for full legal representation.

Legal coaching is often used as an ongoing service rather than a “one-off” task. The legal coach
doesn’t appear in court or handle the case, but equips the client with the skills needed to move
through each step of his or her matter.

Legal Coaching will involve different things depending upon each matter. It may include some or all of:

  • Initial consultation to identify options available to the client
  • Strategic guidance about dealing with the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s case and
    the case he or she has to meet
  • Providing legal advice
  • Assisting with legal research
  • Guidance through the family court system
  • Procedural coaching – helping the client understand steps required by legislation or court rules
  • Offering self-help tools that will be useful to the client, such as legal information, websites
    and other resources designed for members of the public
  • Negotiation/settlement coaching – both procedural advice and coaching about how to
    develop a settlement proposal and negotiate effectively (directly or in a mediation process)
  • Reviewing, commenting on or drafting documents such as separation agreements or
    documents filed in court, including court orders
  • Court coaching – explaining the expectations of a judge, how the courtroom works, how to
    organize written or spoken presentations and make persuasive arguments

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